Should Athletes take steroids?

Shelby Andrus

Athletes shouldn’t because it’s not fair for the people who don’t take steroids in sports.

~ Athletes could be cheating while playing sports because other people are not taking the drugs.

~ Steroids make you stronger and more competitive because the drugs boost your muscle strength however, how is that fair when others do not have extra help.

~ For example Lance Armstronng was taking drugs and he has always won bike races,money and trophies. He finnally attempted to taking the steroids and lost everything including his reputation.

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Steroids are unheathley for you

~ In, they stated that steroids can lead to many complications in your body. For example, it can cause your face to be rounder and you can also grow more facial hair.

~ This same site also reported that steroids can be harmful to your heart. Steroids can cause heart disease because athletes cholesterol levels increase.

~ Steroids can give athletes cancer too because the steroids will attack your immune system

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Steroid used by professional athletes is now affecting young athletes

~ According to Kids Health Organization, Young athletes are being pressured to take steroids.

~ Kids don’t understand how bad steroids can damage you.

~Some research has shown that 2% in boys and 2.5% in girls have used some type of steroids.

Steroid Use By Youth: A Growing Epidemic