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John 15:1-17

David brought the lesson this week in John 15. Jesus told his people that the expectation is that they bear fruit, such as the fruits of the spirit (love, joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control). The assumption is that if you are in Christ then you are bearing fruit and occasionally need to be “trimmed” or disciplined. Those that are not bearing fruit are those who are not in Christ and Jesus said they are to be burned (reminiscent of hell maybe?).

Jesus then gives instruction. Obey his commandments. This is one of the biggest ways we can remain in Him. He then says Love one another. This admonition is something that is tough for most people. David used the example that we are willing to say that we will take a bullet for our family and friends, but when it comes down to little things like taking out the trash or a small sacrifice like that, then we complain and do not love one another. Why are we so selfish in the little things, but say we are willing to act unselfishly in the big things?

Application-Love one another, especially your family and friends in the small things. Don’t be selfish. Remain in Him by obeying his commandments, especially the commandment Jesus delivers in this passage to love one another.

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1. Continue to pray for Julie as she searches for a job that will be a good fit for her and her family.

2. Pray for Seth to recover from the flu.


1. Happy birthday, Reid!

2. Olivia got to meet her brand new niece, Emmie, this weekend!

Class Dinner

Saturday, March 14th, 7:30pm


We will be going out to eat as a class after church this week! Be thinking of where you want to go. Hope you can join us!
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Harvest Service Project

Prestonwood Egg Drop (North Campus)

April 4th @ 10:30-12:30

Harvest Lake Day

Sunday, April 19th TBD

Grapevine Lake

Harvest July 4th Party

Sunday, July 5th @ 4 PM

The Sifton’s House

Harvest Memorial Day Party

Monday, May 25th

The Heads Home

Harvest Back to School Party

September 6th

Place TBD