First Aid

Important tips to know

Stop a Bloody Nose

  1. Make sure to lean forward, not back.
  2. Pinch the victim's nose just below the bony bridge.
  3. After 5 minutes release pressure to see if the bleeding has stopped, if not, pinch the victim's nose for 10 more minutes.
  4. If the bleeding doesn't stop after the second or third try, get help from a doctor.

Treat Nausea

  1. Take slow, deep breaths.
  2. Take vitamin B6 or ginger supplements.
  3. Take over the counter anti nausea medication.
  4. Seek a doctor if nausea persists.

Protect a Cut

  1. Apply direct pressure with something like cloth until the bleeding largely declines.
  2. Apply hydrogen peroxide to disinfect the cut.
  3. Apply Neosporin to help heal the cut.
  4. Apply bandaging over the cut to protect it from contact.

Head Lice

Thoroughly clean oneself and use anti-lice products such as head lice shampoo. Avoid physical contact so as not to spread lice.

Remove a Splinter

  1. Thoroughly wash the area of skin containing the splinter.
  2. Attempt to push the splinter out by squeezing from the sides and bottom of the splinter.
  3. Disinfect both a needle and splinters.
  4. Open the skin just above the splinter with the needle.
  5. Grab the splinter with the tweezers, and pull it out.