Nascar Pit Crew Member

Refit and Refuel

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Exclusive Training

Like most jobs, there is training that you must do. If you want to jump over the wall and be in the pit crew then there is special physical training that only takes a few weeks. If you want to also be a mechanic or engineer that works on the racecar there is additional training that you can go for. NASCAR has their own school for training pit crew members. Along with a few tech school like UTI.

The Pit Stop

Many times per race a racing team will perform the pit stop. In an average of 12 seconds using 6 crew members, the team is able to replace all four tires and refuel the car and even make small adjustments. Each crew member has a specific task to do. Positions include, carrying tires, removing and installing tires, refueling, and a jackman.


Members of a pit crew do not work year round, as the racing season lasts for about half a year. But being part of the crew you must of course travel everywhere with the racing team. You will get to travel to all of the racetracks in the country as part of your job, but you will spend a lot of time away from home.


What sort of training do you need?

Physical and mechanical training.

What sort of skills do you need?

Mechanical knowledge, and quick hands.

Is there any room for job advancement?

You can work up to higher positions the more skill you gain.

What all is involved with this career?

Expensive equipment, fast pace, no room for error.

Outlook and Salary?

As long as NASCAR continues, anywhere from 50K-100K

Why do you want to go into this career?

Because of my interests in motorsports.

What might people not know about this career?

The amount of physical ability needed.

What does a typical day look like?

Preparation of the racecar, then calm as you watch the race and then complete intensity for thirty seconds several times during the race for pit stops.