November 16-20

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1.Go to Raz kids-Read a NONFICTION book in the book room and take a quiz. (Write the title of your book and your quiz score on your Reading Menu Recording Sheet.)

MAIN DISH: You MUST do ALL of these.

1. Watch this Brain Pop Jr. Video about what non fiction is.

2. Watch this learnzillion video titled Preview a non fiction text.

3. Get a nonfiction "hotdots" card and a recording sheet. DO NOT READ IT YET! Follow the directions on the recording sheet.

4. Now do the non fiction hot dot card you chose and check answers with the hot dot pen.

5. Now watch this Brain Pop video about main idea. Take quiz and record grade.

6. Now watch this learnzillion video about Finding the Main Idea of Nonfiction Text.

7. Also watch this video about Finding Main Idea.

8. After watching these two videos, go get a different "hot dots" card. Read the card and try to determine the main idea of the card using the strategies you learned in the videos. Record card number and main idea on your recording sheet.


Go to Moby Max and read from the "Informational" section for 20 minutes. (set a timer)

Dessert: Life is short! Have all the dessert you want!

1.Go on Pebble GO and read anything in the social studies or science section.

2. Find a non fiction book from our classroom library and read with a buddy. Stop after each page or section to try to summarize what you've read. (put it in your own words!)

3. Go to Raz Kids and read any non fiction book of your choice.