Alexander Graham Bell


Child Hood and Earlylife

Born on March 3,1847 in Edinburgh,Scotland.Alexander graham bell had four kids.He had two sons and two daughters. On March 2,1922 he died because of diabetes.


In the year of 1876 Graham Bell invented the first telephone. In the year 1885 Graham Bell invented the first wax disc.He helped our society because if we did not have telephone today some of the things we have would not be here.

Important events!!!!

1.March 3,1847 born

2.1876 invention of the telephone

3.1885 invention of the wax disc

4.August 2,1922 death

Fun facts!!!!

1.Cause of death complications of diabetes

2.Went to university of Edinbugh

3.And went to university of london


Alenander Graham Bell tells me never to give up and always try you best and you can do anything.
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