Demonstration Plan - Rich Task

Rawan AlSafadi @ Shoppers Drug Mart

Date(s): June 5 or June 11

Time of Demo: 1.00 p.m.

Description of Activity: Filling a Prescription

Filling a prescription requires multiple essential skills: It requires computer use and communication skills and numeracy skills to make sure prescriptions are processed correctly. This demonstration lists steps that ensure that a prescription is processed properly and efficiently.I will demonstrate the whole process, through all of the stations that a prescription goes through, including the ones that I am not involved in.


I have chosen to show you how to fill a prescription because it is the main task that a pharmacy technicians carries out as part of their routine. It is very important that each listed step is followed exactly as ordered because an error can possibly lead to serious problems for the individual taking the medication. Also, for the pharmacy to be a success the prescriptions need to be filled efficiently and correctly.
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Details of Activity:

  1. Patient drops of prescription.
  2. Pharmacist technician enters all the information about the patient/prescription into the system.
  3. Pharmacist technician prints out the prescription label and monograph, receipt and hard copy which will be printed on one paper.
  4. Take the paper from the printer, and match it with the hard copy prescription and place it in a coloured basket depending on when the patient is picking them up.
  5. Prescription label, monograph, receipt and hardcopy should be separated using the pre-made cuts. Fold all the Healthwatch papers
  6. Find the medications according to the classification system
  7. Scan the label of the drug and then the drug on the computer.
  8. Write the expiration date of the medication on the hard copy.
  9. Use the tray and spatula to count the amount of pills required OR use the scale to for how many grams is needed ex. cream.
  10. Put the pills in the prescription bottle and close it with the cap.
  11. Stick the label for the medication on the bottle.
  12. Pick a bag, the most suitable sized one for your medication and stick the price barcoded sticker on to the bag.
  13. Place the prescription, bottle, Healthwatch paper, bag, and the medication used in the appropriate coloured basket.
  14. Pass it your pharmacist to check and verify
  15. After the pharmacist has verified prescription and has consulted with the customer, then either file prescription or process customer transaction
  16. Cash out customer.

General Rules:

  • Red basket with pager: customer is waiting for medication
  • Red basket without pager: customer picking up medication in a couple hours
  • Blue basket: customer picking up medication a while after or in the next few days
  • White basket: delivery
  • If filling a narcotic you have to double count the pills and state on the hardcopy that you double counted and write your initials
  • If any individual other than the patient is picking up a narcotic medication then they have to fill a narcotic form and see an ID
  • Don't fill out logs
  • If filling a medication filed from logs, then you have to find the original copy in the logs files and put it in the basket as well
  • Must label every box/bottle
  • Can’t give out medication information except to the patient themselves or if they're under 18 then to their parents only

Required Materials:


Computer with the Healthwatch software

Basket (Red, Blue, White)


Pill counter

Bottle labels


Cash register


Special Instructions for Co-op Teacher: None

Approved: Date, Time and Activity

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