Articles of Confederation

BY:Jose Rojas

What were the articles of confederation.

Americas first plan of goverment was called articles of confederation.

The state had all the power.

This plan of government was weak because they didn't wanted no more Kings.

Strengths of articles

-governed the nation during the revolutionary war.

-negotiated the treaty of Paris at the end of the war.

-passed the land ordinance of 1785

-passed the northwest ordinance (1787)


Weaknesses of the articles

-Lacked power to enforce laws.

-lacked power to levy taxes.

-lacked power.

Northwest ordinance of 1787

-good law of the A.of.C

-provided a process for building new states.

Shay's rebellion

-farmers were in put in jail because they were in debt.

-they got angry because they were losing there land.

-Daniel shays leads a rebellion against the goverment. No court=no law

-means they would not lose their law