Minisport Summer Camps 2013


After a year of successful programmes at Anfield International, Minisport will continue to help students improve their ball skills, team work and physical well-being throughout the summer.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Minigames?
MInigames is a programme that prepares children for the challenges of sport thorugh using great equipment and energetic coaching. Level 2 sees children begin to block, track, catch and hit balls through a variety of fun games and drills.

Do parents need to accompany children during the classes?
For Level 2 students, no parent is required to accompany them during class.

Why should I enroll my child in Minisport's summer courses?
The range of games that we play during these camps will develop motor skills, co-ordination, teamwork and confidence. The summer courses are also a great way for children to get a small taste of Minisport classes whilst staying active during the holiday period.

What sports are covered in Minigames lessons?
We develop the skills required for children to play football, tennis, basketball, athletics, rugby and even sports like golf and hockey!

Does my child have to be an existing Minisport student to enroll in summer camps?
No, once your child joins their friends in our classes, they will quickly catch up and learn about all the fun games and activities that we have been playing throughout the year.