iOS Apps for Mobile Learning

Educational Apps for use in K-12 settings.


In this module, we were asked to display 5 different apps of our choice that support mobile learning and provide examples of how they could be used. Below are 5 iOS apps used for personal mobile learning

iOS Apps for mobile learning!

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Edmodo is a website where classrooms can connect online collaborating on assignments and students can view up to date information on the classroom. It is viewed as "Facebook" for schools. Students can also post their work in there for an audience and can also be critiqued by the teacher there online as well.

This tool would be useful in a junior high or high school classroom especially for its multi use feature and it is also basically like you have your online classroom accessible at all times.

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Twitter is a social networking site that has many different uses, but involves phrases or links that are less than 140 words a tweet. In a way it is a blogging service, but in micro form since only so much can be sent. Users can use this app all around the world and respond to tweets, retweet or favourite them.

Twitter can be used in a high school class such as English and the teacher can have their own account and set up a hashtag, so students could type in that hashtag and communicate with their teacher. They could discuss certain topics brought up in class and use it as a class discussion and the teacher could take into account participation marks.

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News-O-Matic, Daily Reading for Kids

This app is a daily newspaper for kids aged 7 to 11, with 5 new stories a day which covers world news, science and fun stories for kids that they will enjoy. They also have the opportunity to have a voice as well, with being able to rate the articles, ask questions and submit drawings relating to the news.

In the classroom, this can be used for elementary kids during Social Studies to learn about current events. Students can read an article on their mobile device during class or before, and then would have to engage in a classroom discussion about it.

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Inspiration Maps

This app is a mind mapping tool and can be used to brainstorm ideas and concepts. It could be good for organizing readings and preparing for exams because it is a nice visual rather than notes on a sheet of paper.

Within the classroom, teachers can get students to create mind maps in a Social Studies class relating everything to a main theme of one of the units and use it to study. They can take a unit such as Canadian government and center ideas all around that.

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Futaba Classroom Games for Kids

This app is student centered where up to 4 kids can learn cooperatively using just one iPad. It promotes learning by strengthening the concepts learned in K-5 classrooms. Students race to answer questions which could be text or image based.

Presented above, it shows how it can be used in the classroom. It would be a good idea to use it in preparation for unit tests though.