Digital Scrapbook Page

by: Alex Hoshino

Before the prom

We took a group picture

Under El Christo

We celebrated our mission

By the wall

We gathered

Outside the van

We had one last picture

At the McDonald's

The omelettes tasted good


Dear friends,

Being at world mandate was so much fun; it was a great time. My favorite parts were these:Francis Chan speaking, Donut Taco Palace, and Dance party 2014. There was lots of action from 2:00-5:00. The dance party especially was great, and it was probably my favorite part.

Legs quivering, I was so tired afterwards. The entire crowd, the group of 3000, were so pumped up. Experiencing this for the first time, I was amazed. I amazed by this fellowship was very surprised. It was a crazy day at the Baylor stadium rumbling with joy.

I'm glad we still hang out, and it's been a good senior year because of it. We're a great light to the rest of the youth group, and i'm sure the juniors will have great leadership

next year.

Your friend,

Alex Hoshino