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Blackbird and Shay Elementary

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Don't forget to sign up for Parent/Teacher conferences if you haven't already done so. Conferences are Wednesday, October 23rd and Thursday, October 24th. Please use the link below:

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Spirit Week at Blackbird and Shay Elementary!

Homecoming Spirit Week

Oct. 21-25

Show your school spirit and join us!

Monday: Mismatch Day

Tuesday: Favorite Sports Team

Wednesday: Grade level color:

K-orange 1st grade yellow, 2nd grade-blue, 3rd grade-green, 4th grade-red

Thursday:: Silly socks

Friday: Orange and Black Day

* The Spirit March will take place during the school day on Friday and will give all

K-12th grade students in Harbor Springs Public Schools the opportunity to be involved.

Students will show their school spirit as they line the route and cheer on the team!


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Head Lice Information:


  • Head lice spread by crawling from one person’s hair to another’s.
  • They’re usually spread amongst people who are in close contact, such as family or school classmates.
  • Anyone can be infested, and there is no obvious relationship to hair cleanliness. However parents who wash their children’s hair frequently will find them quicker.


Two common signs of head lice are:

  1. An extremely itchy scalp, especially around the nape of the neck, behind the ears, under the fringe and at the top of plaits or a pony tail.
  2. Scratch marks or a rash on the scalp.

How to check for head lice

  1. Check the person’s scalp for insects or eggs.
  2. Use a fine-tooth comb on wet hair, as this makes it easier to find any lice.
  3. Pay particular attention to the crown and the hairline – especially at the back of their neck and behind their ears.


The two most common head lice treatment methods are ‘wet combing’ and ‘chemical treatment’.

  • Wet combing – wet the hair and scalp with conditioner (this makes it easier to see the head lice) then comb the lice and eggs out. It’s best to use the fine metal combs or special head lice combs you can get from a pharmacy.
  • Chemical shampoo or lotion (containing insecticide) – this will kill the lice and eggs.

Always re-treat 7–10 days after the first treatment to kill any head lice that may have hatched from eggs that survived the first treatment.


  • Brush your hair every day, as this can help to kill or injure lice and stop them from laying eggs. If you have long hair it is best to bend your head forward with your hair hanging down and use a firm bristled brush.
  • Don't share brushes, combs, headbands, ribbons, hairclips, helmets or hats – basically anything that has direct contact with someone’s head.
  • Having short hair – or wearing your hair in a ponytail if it’s long – makes it less likely you’ll catch head lice.
  • If you do get head lice in your family, treat everyone that has them at the same time, as this can help reduce the chance of re-infestation.
  • Regularly check your children for head lice – e.g, every week.

Local Events/Activities

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Seeking Donations for the Piper-Furstenberg Community Fundraiser

Do you have a unique hobby or skill that you could teach others? Are you artistic and creative and have a product you'd like to donate? We are seeking donations for our silent and live auctions on November 9, 2019 at Nubs Nob (see attached flyer for more details). Creative ideas include cooking classes, fishing trips/guides, homemade crafts, mountain biking tours...the possibilities are endless. Contact Heather Keiser at if you would like to make a donation.

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Halloween Parade and Safety Tips:

Harbor Springs Elementary School Parade

Thursday 10/31

1:15 pm downtown Harbor Springs

Parents please remember this is an "elementary" halloween parade. All costumes need to be weapon free and culturally sensitive. Students are not allowed to come to school in costumes, students will be changing into costumes after lunch.

Harbor Springs Police Department Halloween Safety Tips

1. Remember to be watching for cars and bicycles. You may be watching them but they may not be watching you.

2. Before crossing the street look both ways. Look, listen, and watch as you cross the street. If you have a hard time seeing out of your mask lift it up.

3. Do not walk in-between parked vehicles to cross the street. If you run out from in-between the cars someone may not see you and you could be hit.

4. While crossing the street it is a good idea to hold onto your mom, dad, grandma, grandpa, aunt, or uncle’s hand.

5. If you are going out alone try to go with a friend. This way you can keep an eye on one another.

6. Go to houses that you know or that are well lighted. Avoid houses that are not.

7. If someone wants you to get into their car or asks to give you a ride home leave immediately and tell someone you trust (Parents, Relatives, Teachers, Principal, Police Officer, ETC.).

8. Know how long Trick or Treating will last. If your parents are in there car make sure you stay where they can see you.

9. If it is dark carry a flashlight so you don’t trip walking down sidewalks, stairs, or across someone’s yard.

10. Don’t eat your candy while going from house to house. Wait until you get home and have an adult go through the candy with you to make sure it is good to eat.

11. Never go into someone’s house unless you know that person or you have been to that person’s house with your parents.

12. We should never run because we could trip and fall on a sharp object, hit our head, or you could run into someone else.

13. Make sure your costume lets you see and hear perfectly.

14. Have lots of fun, eat lots of candy, and watch out for those ghosts and goblins.

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Youth Basketball

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