Amelia G

Body Basics

Living in the water can be tough. To meet this challenge, sharks are equipped with special features. All sharks have strong jaws, a pair of fins and nostrils and a flexible skeleton. Sharks are great swimmers but, unlike fish, they cannot move backwards.

Laying eggs

Sharks do not care for their babies. The young sharks are well equipped to look after themselves. In fact they swim away from their mothers as soon as they are born. Sometimes a mother can even eat her newborn pups.

Toothy Terrors

A sharks only proper weapon is Its mouth. The mouth is below the snout in all species except the angle shark, the megamouth, whale shark and wobble gong shark. These species have their mouths at the end of their snouts. The two most important parts of a sharks mouth are the teeth and the jaws.

Some Sharks

My Favourite shark is the Hammerhead Shark


Discover Sharks 4 north Parade Bath, England 2005.