Slackwood Book Club for Educators

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The Book Whisperer

Donalyn Miller's sage advice on creating a reading community within your class and school, and practical application of methodology and philosophy will change your world. Steeped in passion for reading "wildly", the ideas presented in The Book Whisperer will speak to you as an educator and beyond. Closely examining our reading lives as an example for our students will allow our teaching of reading and writing to thrive, creating a school community where students identify themselves as readers, first and foremost.

Word Study

Are you interested in learning more about how children explore and learn words to make meaning? Would you like to have a deeper understanding of how children learn to decode and build reading fluency and comprehension? How about building a learning environment where there is an abundance of teachable moments that will result in increased vocabulary, prior knowledge and deep understanding of text across the curriculum? Then join our Word Study group! We will have a conversation about philosophy, application and focused teaching methods that will enhance your teaching immediately. We will be utilizing the professional book, Spelling K-8 by Diane Snowball as well as word study articles from Choice Literacy that can be found in the teacher's room. Dates: TBA

Better Answers by Ardith Davis Cole

In this age of standardized testing, teachers are required to supply a measurable record of student performance. But more and more teachers are feeling the pressure to spend precious class time "teaching to the test" rather than engage students in meaningful learning experiences. Our students deserve better than this and are capable of great things. What if we had a better way to help our students make amazing progress while preparing them well for the demands of standardized tests? We can do this. Better Answers provides powerful insight into practical strategies that we can use across a broad spectrum to help children answer higher level thinking questions, prompts and more. This read is informative and lessons from the book can be implemented throughout the year, well before test taking time, to level the playing field for our students. Make an impact with this read!

What's New in Children's Literature?

Join us as we explore all that is new, inviting and exciting in Children's Literature. We will be meeting up at Barnes & Noble in the Princeton Marketfair to browse the kids section, select some titles to discuss and share and maybe even grab a bite while we are there! Sound like a fun afternoon?! Please join us if you can! Date TBA (likely 2nd week of August)

Meeting Times & Dates

Our Book Club/ Study Group is a place for discussion. Although we will be following a purposeful structure, it will be relaxing and inviting. Our hope is to open conversations about these insightful professional reads while fostering our own Professional Learning Network at home here at Slackwood. We will meet once a month for one hour after school beginning in November. Of course, you are welcome to explore the books, articles and videos on your own as well. Calendars will be sent out soon.

Guaranteed to be a Great Time! Thank you -Lisa &MaryEllen