Bison Bulletin

Volume 1 Issue 11

Be a dose of Vitamin C

Did you know- The Flu is not the only thing you can catch at work. Turns out you are just as likely to catch someone’s bad mood and negative attitude. Yes, the latest research demonstrates what we’ve all known to be true, emotions are contagious. Researchers call them emotional contagions and they impact our work environments, productivity, teamwork, service and performance in significant and profound ways.

According to John Gordon (The Energy Bus), you can be negatively contagious or positively contagious. You can be a germ and attack our school's immune system or you can act like a dose of Vitamin C and strengthen it.

So the next time you head into work, stop before you walk in the door. Choose to be healthy right there, decide to be positively contagious.

You are forever contagious and you and your emotions impact the world around you. Thank you for spreading your positive vibes!

Positively yours,


We've received lots of positive feedback about our Class Meetings! Great job teachers! We will be announcing our class with the highest attendance this week!

Fall pictures on Tuesday, October 18th- please check your schedule.

Dedication News

A huge THANK YOU to everyone who came out to help with our dedication preparation!! You are appreciated MORE than you know!

We've received a new date for recording our Dedication Video- YAY!! That gives us a little more time to prepare and get everything ready.

Our new recording day is October 24th- we will provide you with a schedule. Please wear your "Explore the possibilities" shirts.

A lyrics video of the song our committee has selected is below.

Count On Me - Bruno Mars Lyrics

Successful Student and Parent projects- encourage your students to turn them in. We will display them in hallways!

Trunk or Treat Family Fun Walk- Oct 27 5:30-7:00PM

We will send home a flyer about the event and asking for candy donations. Please start talking to your students about donating a bag of candy!
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Mission Statement

The mission of Thomas Hancock Elementary School is to empower students to achieve their personal best through innovative, collaborative, integrative learning experiences and to have the courage to explore the possibilities.

Thank you for your suggestions and your feedback!

Upcoming Events:

Oct 17 Anti-Bullying Week

Oct 17 Bison Time and Exploration Zones begin again

Oct 18- Fall Pictures

Oct 18- Punt-Pass and Kick 4:30PM

Oct 19- Go Green Wednesday- Wear GREEN! You may wear jeans with your green Hancock T-Shirt!

Oct 20- Wear your Komen t-shirt or PINK with jeans for $5

Oct 20- HEB Buddy presentation for 2nd Graders

Oct 20- Culture and Climate/ SHAC Committee Meetings

Oct 22- Walk for Sight 8:00AM

Oct 23- Red Ribbon Week Begins!

Oct 24- DEDICATION VIDEO RECORDING- wear your Explore the Possibilities shirt

Oct 27- UH Interns on campus 8:00AM-2:00PM- you will receive a schedule

Oct 27- Trunk or Treat and Family Walk Event 5:30PM-7:00PM

Nov 1- Team Leader Meeting

Nov 3- Hancock Dedication 6:30PM

Nov 15- New date for ELAR walk throughs (PM)

Nov 17- Math Walk throughs