March 2-6, 2020

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Staff Meeting Presentation

Thank you for attending our period-by-period meeting last week. Please click the link below to access the entire presentation for your reference.

Mustang Schedule This Week:


  • *Periods 1-6 Regular Schedule - 7:50 am-2:45 pm


  • *Periods 3-4 & 5-6 Tutorial Schedule - 7:50 am-2:45 pm

  • SBAC Practice Test --> BLUE Group - 9:50 - 11:20 am


  • *Periods 1-4 Collaboration Schedule - 7:50 am-2:00 pm (Early Out Dismissal)

  • All Grades Parent Night - 6 pm

  • Staff: Wear Walnut Swag


  • *Periods 1-2 & 5-6 Tutorial Schedule - 7:50 am-2:45 pm
  • SBAC Practice Test --> YELLOW Group - 9:50 - 11:20 am


  • *Periods 1-6 Regular Schedule - 7:50 am-2:45 pm
  • Night Rally - Gym - 6pm


SBAC Student List

Here is the Google link to the 2019-20 SBAC list of students by Alpha (BELOW). Make sure when you log into Google Drive you use your district g. account. If you need help let Barbie know!

Staff PD Day Presentations

Please click the link below to see the presentations and resources given out by our presenters on February 21 during our breakout sessions.

Walnut Wednesday Nominations

We will have our Walnut Wednesday Awards next week on March 11. Nominate someone below!

SBAC Testing Schedule

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Google File Stream

Google used to have a program that allowed you to add Google Drive to Windows to make it function like any other folder on your computer. They have revamped it and renamed it to Google File Stream. The functionality is basically the same, except now it will look like a Network Drive versus a Folder. The main benefit of installing this on your computer is that you can now save everything to your Drive, where you have unlimited storage, and be able to access it from anywhere you have internet access.
Google File Stream

Tutorial Requests Video

Kevin gives our staff the option to request students to their tutorial sessions through Google Forms. Take a look at the video below on HOW TO request students to tutorial.
Tutorial Request

Tutorial Scanning Sheets

Just a quick follow-up to our staff meeting & email.

  • Before the sheet will work properly you need to approve the script to run. That is found in the video below. It should take 2-3 minutes to get it to run.
  • Always make sure you are in the first column when scanning/typing in IDs.
  • I will be going around building by building over the next couple of weeks during tutorial to check in
  • If you are having any issues getting the script to run, please fill out this form HERE.
Tutorial Set Up




a wonderful or astonishing person or thing.

Shoutout to our Mustangs going above and beyond!

ASB & Multicultural Rally

Shoutout to Andy and our ASB crew for putting on an amazing Multicultural rally. It was a great opportunity to bring an entire school together celebrating the diverse cultures we have on our campus.
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Best Buddies Talent Show

Shoutout to Suzy McDonald and Kristy Kirkpatrick who put on a Best Buddies Talent Show on Friday Night. Abbyy Poole and Maisha Shepherd also helped out as well. It was a great night for some of our Mustang students!
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Kathy May & APES Class Hands On!

It is pretty cool seeing Kathy May's AP Environmental Science Class working with the garden outside her classroom. If you walk by they are pruning, testing the soil, and building such a peaceful spot on campus. Thank you Kathy!
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Pubs Place at ELAJEA Regional Write-Off

So Hee Tan and the Pubs crew competed at the ELAJEA regional write-off competition this week. Our Pubs team placed 5th in Novice News Sweepstakes, 1st Place in Newspaper Sweepstakes, and 3rd overall in Super Sweepstakes!
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SBAC Hot Dogs

A big shoutout to Barbie Cole, Nelson Chen, Marta Dibell, and Andy Schultz for serving over 500 hot dogs to our Class of 2020 students who met or exceeded standards on last year's SBAC test.
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Amanda Lindemann and Robotics

Our Team Wolf Corp Robotics kids advised by Amanda Lindemann took home the first runner up Champion Award along with first-place Design Award last week. Ms. Lindemann received the Compass Award as well. Thank you for advising these kids Amanda!
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FBLA Honored at City Hall

Mike Moore and our FBLA kids were honored in front of the City Council last week for their 1st place FBLA placing last week. Congrats Mike!
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Keith Thompson Brings out the Broom to DB!

Congrats to our Head Track Coach, Keith Thompson, who swept Diamond Bar last Wednesday during a home track meet. Great start to the season coach!
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3/6 Hugo Gonzalez

3/7 Neil Jacoby

3/12 Wayne DiMascio

3/12 Pei-Ying Lin

3/12 Bill Bosanko

3/13 Josh Bandy

3/13 Kristy Kirkpatrick

3/14 Mary Harms

3/16 Eleanor Blanchard

3/17 Alex Nigian

3/18 Linda Jimenez

3/20 Jenny Herzog

3/28 David Kim


It Pays to Be Yourself!

This is a good read and a great lesson to share with our students. Sometimes I feel like our students have their careers already picked out for them. This article talks about the importance of authenticity and the negative effects of trying to be someone you are not.

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