God of the seas

Poseidon god Of The Seas

Poseidon was the god of the sea's, brother of Zeus. He is also an Olympian, his Roman name is (Neptune). The major god's divided their powers amongst the earth. Zeus got the heavens and ruled over the people on earth. Hades got the underworld and decides where the mortals will go when thy reach the underworld. Finally Poseidon owns all fresh and sea water so that makes poseidon second to the most powerfulest god and ruler of the earth.

physical descripton

Poseidon has been portrayed as an older man with with long curly hair, and a beard. Poseidon also has a trident that gives him great power given to him by the cyclops in gratitude for saving them from their peril.

background story one

Poseidon's father had heard of a prophecy saying that one of his children would try and will overthrow him. So to prevent this he swallowed up most of his children, but his wife was able to save Poseidon and Zeus,they later we're able to over throw their father Kronos and became the great and powerful gods.


after they over threw they're father they had a vote and Poseidon got the sea later Poseidon marries a sea nymph named amphrite