Miss Butz's Class Newsletter

January 4 - 8

Enjoy your break!

We have officially finished the first semester of kindergarten! I have enjoyed working all of your children so much this semester. We have been working so hard and it shows! I know a lot of the progress is from the individual attention and help you give your child at home. I am so thankful to have such great parents AND students this year. I hope you are enjoying your child’s year in kindergarten as much as I am. We are halfway done – WOW!

I encourage you to keep working on different reading, math, and writing skills at home over the long break. I made the homework a little different this time. It isn’t due until the 8th because I know many of you are VERY busy over the two weeks.

I do hope you limit your child’s TV and video game time. You could teach them to play a game, have them write letters or thank you cards, ask them to help you do things around the house, give them a journal to write in everyday, or anything else to keep them plopping in front of a TV. J They could also use their new dry erase boards to practice writing words, numbers, sentences, and more.

Whatever you do…I wish you a very happy and safe holiday! I’ll see you all next year! Have a great break (if you get one!). I can’t wait to start the next semester. We have so much to learn in the second half of the year, so we can get ready for first grade. This year is really flying by!

Learning About Holidays - The Dreidal Game

A Few Pictures from our Awesome Winter PArty!

Important Dates

Thursday, December 17th - Yearbook orders due to get early bird prices

If you want to order a yearbook for this year, please send the order in by this day or order online at http://ybpay.lifetouch.com The code is 11616616. If you order a yearbook after this date, the price will increase.

December 18 - January 1 - Winter Break

School will resume on Monday, January 4th.

Tuesday, January 5th - PTO Meeting

7:00pm in the SC Media Center

Monday, January 11th - Middle of the Year DIBELS testing begins!

We have a few weeks to test each child on the four DIBELS assessments. See below for details about the assessments.

Learning This Week!

Literacy Focus:

Story: A Grand Old Tree

Letter Sound: short e

Phonemic Awareness Skills: rhyming, syllables, beginning sounds, ending sounds, segmenting words (saying all sounds in words, ex. dog -- /d/ /o/ /g/)

Reading Skills: asking and answering questions, key details (using illustrations and text), main idea, making connections, visualizing, sequencing, character

Sight Word: are

Math Focus:

Order of Daily Events, Patterns with Craft Sticks, Find the Block Game, More with 2-Digit Numbers

Writing Focus:

Writing Conventions - spacing, capital letters, ending marks; complete sentences

Science Focus:

Animal Adaptations, Nocturnal/Diurnal Animals

Social Studies Focus:

New Year's, Winter


Remember that BOOK-IT pizza forms are due at the end of each month. You reading to your child OR your child reading to you counts! Just fill up the chart for the 21 books, sign it, have your child sign it, and send it in! I will send home a personal pizza certificate for your child if you have reached the goal.


Monday: Library*

Tuesday: Music

Wednesday: Art (rotates each week)

Thursday: Art

Friday: Gym -- Wear your gym shoes!

*Please note that your child can NOT check out a new book unless the book is returned on our library day on Monday. If you send it in late, then he/she has to wait until the next Monday to check out another book.

Information: DIBELS Tests for the Middle of the Year

First Sound Fluency: This test measures your child’s ability to identify the beginning sounds in words. S/he will be told a word, then s/he has to tell the beginning sound of that word. S/he gets 1 or 2 points based on the accuracy of saying the beginning sound (not letter) of each word. For example, if s/he is told the word “sun,” s/he would get 2 points for saying only the first sound /s/ and only one point for saying /su/. Goal = 30 sounds in a minute.

Letter Naming Fluency: This test measures your child’s ability to name the letters. S/he will look at a page of capital and lower case letters in random order. S/he will name as many letters as s/he can in a minute. This test is given at the beginning, middle, and end of the year. Important Note: Letter Naming Fluency does not have a set goal because it is an indicator of risk, not an instructional target. The total letters identified correctly does figure in to the composite score.

Phoneme Segmentation Fluency: The student is told a word and asked to tell all the sounds in that word. For example, if I say “cat,” s/he would say /k/ /a/ /t/. This is a timed test that figures the number of correct sounds given in one minute. Goal = 20 sounds in a minute.

Nonsense Word Fluency: The student is shown a page of nonsense words. These words are CV or CVC words (C=consonant, V=vowel), so all of the vowel sounds are short vowel sounds. Some examples are sim, lut, op, etc. He/She has one minute to read as many words as he/she can. Students can just sound out the words, sound out and then read the words, or just read the word. We ask the students to read it the best they can. Goal is 17 correct letter sounds in a minute.

The Composite Score is figured using all of the scores of the DIBELS Next tests given at that time. This score determines what level of support your child may need. Goal = 122.


*Dismissal is at 3:50pm on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday.

*Every Wednesday is an Early Release Day. We dismiss at 3:20pm.