My Fable

Zachary Wilcox

The Eagle and The Rat

One day there was a small rat that had walked all the way to a small town 20 miles away from his house. He walked around asking people to show him around, but sadly they just ignored him. He then walked up to a small cottage and nocked on the door. A eagle came out and said what can I do for you. The rat asked the eagle to show him around and the eagle said okay. So the eagle showed the small rat around and helped him get e new house. He then thanked him and went into his house.

The next day the rat was walking through the forest when he heard the eagle yell for help. He looked up at a tree and say the eagles wings caught in the tree. So he bravely ran up the tree and tried to free the eagle, but the rat was not strong enough. He kept trying, but it was no use. He tried one more thing... using his teeth. That finally worked and the eagle was free. After what happened the eagle and the rat became best friends.


What comes around goes around.