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History & Region of Talking Drum

The talking drum comes from the West Africa region. These African drums have a pitch which can be regulated depending on how you hit the head of the drum. These pitches mirror a persons voice which is why they are known as "Talking Drum". Kings or political authorities used to send drummers playing the talking drum through the village and because the villagers know the language of the drum they would be able to know what message the king was trying to send out.

Cultural Significance

The talking drum is a big part of the culture in West Africa. Toys kids were given was the talking drum and they would learn how to play it at a very young age. When kids would cry they would be handed the drum and they would just hit it until they stopped crying. Everyday people in West Africa would play, sing and dance.

Why You Should Buy a Talking Drum Today

Talking Drums are a one of a kind musical instrument with rich culture and historic values. Although they are not used today for communicating you could still learn how to play them and play beautiful music. There is no other drum as unique as this one!

Comparison of the use of Talking Drum and other music in West Africa

The original use of the talking drum was for initiation. There are 3 steps to initiation, the first being from ages 1-7, then 7-14, and then 14-21. The use for music in West Africa was mainly for entertainment, rituals and ceremonies, and work songs. Talking Drums were also used for those reasons as well.

Relation between Talking Drum to the role of Jelli

Jelli means blood, but it describes oral historians who use poetry, song, music, and drums to preserve their histories and spread messages between villages. The relation between the two then is how they both spread messages and both include something with song, music and drums.

Relation between Talking Drum and Modern Day Technology

When the talking drum first came to West Africa there was no technology so this drum was the way for the people to communicate. The drum is called the talking drum for a reason, the reason being because it talks. You just have to understand the language of it. The drum talks with 3 different sounds which are tone, slap, and base. Tone, Slap and Base are very western so the sounds for the drum that are not western are for tone is known as P or T , slap is known as Ta or Pa, and base is known for the sound Poon or Oon. So overall the drum is like a modern day phone, it was a way for people to talk to each other and communicate.