Construction Meaning

Implementation Support

SUHSD teachers will be offered time and support to practice applying the strategies learned in EL Achieve Constructing Meaning training. Further, peer observation and dialogue will allow teachers to deepen their understanding of language support practices.
Following completion of EL Acheive CM Training.
Groups of 2-4 colleagues, an assigned instructional coach. Ideally but not necessarily, team members are in the same department or subject area.

Participating teachers will be offered one district unit that will count towards the salary schedule, or 3 days of sub release time, 12 hours of extra pay, or a combination of release time and extra hours paid.

Release time

  • 3 Full Days
  • Two plan, teach, peer observation, debrief cycles.

    • Plan: for each cycle, these components are required:


        • EL Achieve CM Lesson Plan

    • Teach/observe: for both cycles, one partner will observe the other deliver the lesson. Partners will switch roles for the second cycle. The team will debrief using the CM in the Classroom Tool.

    • The teams will work with an instructional coach at least twice, but may request more support

      • Teams may decide at which stage of the cycle to receive support from their instructional coach. This might include:

        • Planning the lesson using the CM tools

        • Conducting a peer observation

        • Debriefing a peer observation and refining practice