Sipley Weekly Howl

Week of Monday, May 11, 2015

What happens at home is important to schools for at least two reasons. First is the impact that home has on students. Many of the behaviors, knowledge and mindsets students carry with them to school each day come right out of the home. For better or for worse, those influences impact the culture of the school, the atmosphere of the classroom, and a student's yearning for learning.

The Leader in Me, Pg. 130.

Parent Communication

I believe that all parents care for their child(ren) and want their child(ren) to have a life filled with opportunities, hope, and happiness. Ensuring that parents are communicated with on a continual basis helps them guide, support, and nurture the development of their children. Parents should be provided with information about what the children are learning along with immediate information regarding the well-being of the child. This includes negative student behavior, poor work habits (i.e. missing work), and concerns related to academic performance. In addition, a positive phone call or e-mail is always nice.

A Response to Student Behavior

I want to recognize two situations that were handled exceptionally well this week.

One occurred with a group of 6th graders. A boy shared a comment with racial undertones. This comment spread to other 6th grade students and Mrs. Lee caught it at recess. She learned what was happening and addressed the matter by keeping all 6th grade students out at recess and speaking to them. Meanwhile, Miguel and I stepped in and spoke to the student who made the initial comment. We put a plan in place to have the child picked up from school to eliminate any potential problems as the student leaves the campus. Kim and Tina L. worked with all 6th grade students to openly discuss the matter, which reestablished the classroom environment that existed before the comment was made. It was much more personal and emotional than I described here. Kudos to our team for their involvement in a difficult situation. It was handled perfectly!

The other situation involved a first grade student who hit the arm of a staff member. My immediate reaction was to suspend the child. After I spoke to the child, I came to the conclusion that the child had a difficult time connecting with what she did and why she did it, thus suspending the child would not solve the problem or help her understand right from wrong. Kim and Inez began speaking to the child and concluded that the child needs help in communicating her feelings when she is upset, which aligned with what I was sensing. We contacted the parent who came in to meet with Kim, Inez, myself, and the staff member and student. We addressed the matter and there is a plan for support to help the child communicate her feelings when she is upset or wants something that she can't have.


We have PARCC testing happening this week. Please remain as quiet as you can as we have students testing in grades 3 - 6. Testing will be taking place in the offices near the restrooms and in the LBS room. The washrooms near the offices will be closed during PARCC testing times. Our D.E.B. will continue as scheduled next week.

Thank You!

I hope everyone had a wonderful week as the Sipley community paused to say thank you for the work that you do. Thanks for all that you do for our students! It is apparent that the Sipley students love the staff here. Keep up the great work!

Here is a Glance at the Week Ahead

Saturday - Wendy Ley's Birthday!!!

Monday - Leader in Me Book Club - 3-4:00, Chapters 3-4

Tuesday - Friday - First & Second Grade STAR Testing

Tuesday - Friday - Third - Sixth PARCC

Tuesday - I will be out of the building in the afternoon - Teaching and Learning Meeting

Wednesday - Certified Staff Meeting with Pat Broncato - Lane Changes

Friday - I will be giving the PARCC Test in 6Z

Saturday - Inez Berman's Birthday!!!

Saturday - Dr. Don's Graduation - So Excited!!!

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