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Rise of the Phoenix

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Information about the Writer:

Hello my name is Niklas Bartos, I am 17 years old and currently I am a foreign german exchange Student at Lake Norman High school.

At the moment I am taking Sports marketing as my third block and me were given the opportunity to create this Flyer about the Green Bay Phoenix University in Wisconsin.

Right now I do not have much Experience in writing a Flyer and to be honest my English could be better..

But anything has to start somewhere right ?

Right now I would like to apologize for my gramma.

Please, go ahead and take a look over my flyer.


Basic information:

Green Bay Phoenix University is located in Green Bay Wisconsin.

The University is also known for it's excellent athletic teams, 16 of it's athletic teams compete in the Horizon League of NCAA Division 1. One of the sad things is that the University does not offer the opportunity to play in a football team.

The University has many different Sports teams like: Basketball, Cross Country, Golf, Soccer, Swimming and Diving, Tennis, Softball, Volleyball , and Nordic Skiing.

The Mascot :

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The Mascot of the Green bay Phoenix university is Plash the Phoenix.


2015-2016 Records Basketball

Wright State : 78-69 (WIN)

Valparaiso: 99-92 (WIN)

Milwaukee: 70-61 (WIN)

Cleveland State: 65-53 (WIN)

Valparaiso: 70-68 (Lose)

UIC: 85-69 (WIN)

Cleveland State: 78-61 (WIN)

Youngstown ST. : 107-90 (WIN)

Milwaukee: 70-68 (WIN)

Oakland: 111-93 (Lose)

Detroit: 86-85 (WIN)

Wright State: 79-60 (Lose)

N. Kentucky: 85-78 (WIN)

Milwaukee: 95-94 (Lose)

Detroit: 115-108 (WIN)

Oakland: 111-95(Lose)

Chicago State: 99-66 (WIN)

Valparaiso : 85-70 (Lose)

UIC: 78-76 WIN

Youngtown ST: 103-93 ( LOSE)

Cleveland State: 87-67 (WIN)

Wright State: 76-68 (WIN)

N. Kentucky: 86-70 (WIN)

Morehead STATE: 78-72 ( WIN)

WIsconsis: 84-79 (Lose)

University of Wiscon: 108-57 (WIN)

Pacific: 93-88 (WIN)

Toledo: 71-69 ( Lose)

SIU ED: 87-69 (WIN)

E Illinois: 81-72 (WIN)

Akron: 66-63 (WIN)

Minnesota-Duluth: 94-74(WIN)

Georgia Tech: 107-77 (Lose)

ETSU: 103-90 (Lose)

Stanford: 93-89 (Lose)

Key Players

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Karem Kanter#1

Position: Forward

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Turner Botz#2

Position: Guard

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Khalil Small#3

Position: Guard

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Jourdan Fouse#4

Position: Guard

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Avery Brown#11

Position: Guard

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Anthony Brown#11

Position: Guard

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Carringhton Love#12

Position: Guard

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Jamar Hudle#23

Position: Forward

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Tevin Findlay#32

Position: Guard

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Charles Cooper#34

Position: Guard

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Keeneth Lowe #45

Position : Forward

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Henry Uwadiae #50

Position: Forward/Center