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Disease is not contagious and appears in middle age

Lichen is a chronic skin disease is hereditary and is not contagious, and has many forms affects the skin, causing hair loss and baldness permanent, and ask the reader: I want to know some information about the disease, lichen, and how to cure it?

Answer, consultant dermatologists and Chairman, National Research Centre earlier, saying: The lichen skin disease is hereditary and is not contagious, and affects men
and women equally and appears incidence in middle age, where the symptoms are in the form of small grain-colored nearest violet, and is characterized by the existence of a low point amid the grain, and the grain is accompanied by a strong desire in the itching.

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It was noted that the disease also affects the arms, legs and face and severity increases with exposure to the sun, and the tensile stress and nervous system and helps to spread the disease, is one of the autoimmune diseases are treated with cortisone by mouth, and in a picture paints objective.