The New Jersey Daily Times

Writer: Rubina Singh

Our Beloved State:

Right now we are all living in Edison, New Jersey. This is no ordinary state, that is why our topic for today is "All about New Jersey". In this article you will learn about our capitals, cities, names, symbols, and much much more. In fact, New Jersey is even cooler than you think it would be!
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How New Jersey Became a State

On December 18 1787, New Jersey became the THIRD state in the U.S. THIRD !!! Many battles took place in New Jersey, including the American Revolution. New Jersey was named by the largest of the British Channel Islands. Its founders were Sir John Berkeley and Sir George Carteret.

State Symbols and Statements

Of course, as every state, New Jersey has things to represent it. For example, it's nickname is "The Garden State." Here is more information on New Jersey.

  1. State Motto: Liberty and Prosperity
  2. State Slogan: Come See For Yourself
  3. State Abbreviation: NJ

Parts of New Jersey:

The parts of New Jersey are:

  1. Appalachian Ridge and Valley
  2. Highlands
  3. Piedmont
  4. Inner Coastal Plain
  5. Outer Coastal Plain

We live in Piedmont New Jersey. Some of the towns and cities in Piedmont are Princeton, Trenton, Edison, and Jersey City. Trenton is our state's capital. Edison is where we live.


New Jersey is bordered by three states, Pennsylvania, New York, and Delaware. The Atlantic ocean is at the edge of New Jersey. Going into water, some major rivers in the state that we mostly think of are the Hudson River, Delaware River, and Raritan River.


Now that you know more about N.J, you are ready to learn, explore, and find the great things in this state. New Jersey may seem like a normal state, but it has a lot of great things behind it.