japan earthquake

by davyon henderson

What is this global issue about?

Japan 2011 earthquake the citizens of japan were greatly affected by the earthquake that occurred march 11 2011.

that occurred march 11 2011.Japan 2011 earthquake the citizens of jap

woh did it involve

he people in japan

where did it happnen


Is Canada helping? If so, how and why is Canada helping? If not, what could Canada do to help?

over 11,000 people in Canada went to japan to help. we helped because we have lots of things we trade between are two countries

What could happen if no one helps? (consequences)

people would die from starvation and lack of medicin

What organization, if any, is providing help?

-Red corres help with and japan earthquake

the problem solved? why or why not?


DId the canadian people come back from japan?

Some people from canada