World Organics Dream Team

January 2016 Update

Dream Team in 2016

On Monday we had our first ever Consultant Connect Call, live with Michelle Kesby (Office Manager), Megan Douglas (founder), Lisette Douglas (CEO), and Mary Christensen.

These calls are scheduled for 12pm NZ time, each Monday. Look for the webinar links on our facebook team/consultant pages.

Here is Monday's replay link if you missed it:


From the 2nd week of February, World Organics is going global!

Cross order/sponsor... build a team between NZ and Australia, and the USA. The playing field for you in your business just got bigger!

(No stock will be held in the US for now, so the focus is to build Australasia first.)

Currency will be calculated into one commission for you.

New training will be given to help optimise the opportunities.

We will have new equalised postal charges. Huge hoorah for our friends/customers in Oz who would like to order from us here in NZ!

Customers will have multiple currency options online to purchase in Aus, NZ, and US currency.

Our new brand will be World Organics (please note the ‘s’ on the end!) with ONE url

Current sites will still exist and customers will be redirected to the new url automatically.

Listen to the recording for Mary's tips on how to optimise all of these amazing changes.

Mary's Tour of Australia and NZ

Please register now for Mary's tour in your area. $15 per ticket Go to your webstore and click on the link on the main page (look for the blue circle.)

World Organics and Mary Christensen coming to your town!

Thanks to all Consulants who have already bought tickets for my upcoming tour. I’m looking forward to supporting you and your customers with fresh, fun perspectives on sharing your products and business opportunity:

*For your customers: Seven skincare sins! How to avoid them and achieve a healthy youthful complexion!
*For you: How to present your products, business and host opportunity sensitively, persuasively and confidently. New scripts and fresh phrases you can adapt and adopt to suit your personality!
My perspectives are based on twenty+ years experience in the beauty business as a salesperson, corporate leader, Advice Columnist and Beauty Editor of a national women’s magazine.
Q. Will these meetings be hard sell?
A. We're not interested in convincing people to join us. By persuasively showcasing our products and our mission, I’m confident the right people will want to join or become customers. My first goal will be that everyone walks away saying, “I’m so glad I came.”
Q. I have a friend who works with another direct selling company. Can I invite him or her and be confident that she will get value and not be invited to join?
A. Yes! We're happy to support all direct sellers!
Q. When can I start purchasing tickets?
A. Now! Do it before Monday 18th January, and be in to win a free ticket for a friend, prospect or car companion!!