Stepping On The Cracks

Mary Downing Hahn


Margaret and Elizabeth are best friends and they both hate the same two people. One of them being the school bully and the other the man who took their brothers away to fight in war...Hitler. The year is 1944 and America is at war against Germany, both Elizabeth's and Margaret's brothers are away at war along with most the towns young men. With no one there to protect Margaret and Elizabeth, Gordy picks on the girls. Until one day Elizabeth gets sick of him and decides to follow him into the woods, where he has been disappearing to everyday. They follow him in and find a startling surprise that will change the way they look at Gordy and war forever.

Reasons Why You Should Read This Book

It gives you a inside look on people in the United States who had family members over in Germany durring World War 2. It is filled with Patriotism and excitement. You learn why a bully is the way that bully is.