come to the beautiful city of Masdar

Come to the most beautiful city of Abu Dhabi, Masdar

I choose Masdar because as known by the city of the future, It has a lot of technology that if i where to move there and start a family it would be great education for my children. also it has grate transportation i would not need t invest in a car.

The reason to come to masdar

Masdar is a very beautiful place to live in the technology is in high class and its not very expansive because of the great jobs they have provided. Masdar has a lot to offer, like the drive less cars which will help me save money.
This is a great place to live because of everything it has to offer e.g. Abu Dhabi's zero carbon and zero waste policy Masdar has much to offer.

The non carbon cycle

This picture above shows the non carbon cycle. This is the first non carbon city.
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The non-drive cars

This picture shows the non-drive cars. The convenience of theses cars, they do not cost any money.