Scientific Notation


India's Population

Standard: 1,255,171,007

Scientific: 1.225171007 x 10^-9

One Billion, Two Hundred Fifty Five Million, One Hundred
Seventy One Thousand, and Seven.

Empire State Building (feet)

Standard: 1,454

Scientific: 1.454 x 10^3

One Thousand Four Hundred Fifty Four

Mass of an Electron

Standard: .000000000000000000000000000000910938291

Scientific: 9.10938291 x 10^-31

Nine Hundred Ten Million, Nine Hundred Thirty-Eight Billionths, Two Hundred Ninety-One Trillionths

Weight of An Ant (lbs)

Standard: 0.01

Scientific: 1 x 10^-2

One Hundreth