Weller Weekly

October 17-21, 2016


What's up at Weller?

Monday (10-17)
  • Teacher Learning/Work Day-Meet in library at 8:30-10:00 (includes breakfast!)
  • Change Attendance board and celebrate kids who have good attendance.

Tuesday (10-18)

  • 2nd Quarter Begins
  • Future Panthers Story Time @ 3:00-3:30
  • #SWAG Team Meetings @ 3:50-4:50

Wednesday (10-19)

  • 5th Grade DON'T METH WITH ME @ 1:30-2:30
  • ELL Tutoring @ 3:45-4:45

Thursday (10-20)

  • K/1 Ballet
  • Earthquake drill @ 1:35 (Please show your class The Great Central U.S. Shakeout video here prior to the drill.)
  • K Prep 5:00-6:00

Friday (10-21)

  • Dr. D out to Principals of Leadership
  • PRIDE Assembly
  • 1st Quarter Attendance Party @ 12:30-3:30

Coming up next week...

Parent Teacher conferences--long day Tuesday (There will be no school on Nov. 7th to make up for this time.)

10-28--Kids and staff come dressed like book characters and we will culminate the day with October Rocks!

Gotta know it...

Ahhh...the cool weather and a touch of red splashed on the top of the maples, let's us know fall is in the air! Can you believe we are wrapping up the 1st quarter already? You're work is stellar! You build deep relationships with your kids and others. You're engaged. Your students are engaged. When I'm in your classrooms I see kids involved in relevant and personal learning. You are the hero's at Weller. Thanks for a great first quarter.

GRADE CARDS: Posting closes at 4:30 on Monday, October 17th.

ATTENDANCE PARTY: Our first quarter is 8 weeks and 3 days long. Kids will need 7 cards PLUS 95%+ attendance to go to the attendance party. You will get a list of the students who are invited to the party. Oak Grove Assembly is sponsoring our party this quarter which will be at Weller. The K-2 party will be from 1:00--2:00 and the 3-5 party will be from 2:15--3:15. Thanks for all you do to celebrate attendance in your classroom!

Based on your overwhelming positive response, we'll continue celebrating and complimenting one another each month through our ABC Teacher. Please be mindful of including our specialty teachers and others as well. Thanks!

GARDEN: It's great to see classes in the garden! Please be mindful of students learning in classrooms with windows facing the garden and supervise kids in all areas when you're out there. It's a good idea to keep kids away from the ponds.

Check out this great Y.T.D. attendance!

Squibb 97.83% 4

Morey 97.78% 1

Steelman 97.65% 9

Almeida 97.30% 2

Bernelis 97.12% 2

Tinney 97.03% 6

Reed 96.74% 2

Mann 96.65% 3

Graves 96.49% 6

Shores 96.43% 3

Norrell 96.15% 2

Barker 95.99% 6

Weinman 95.29% 9

Ellis 95.27% 12

Miller 94.97% 4

Greenhaw 93.87% 13

Thomas 92.68% 16