Welcome to Changchun,China

2015 DTD 6.0 AIESEC JLU ,MoC

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Hey My dears,

How are you?

I hope this email find u great!

Firstly of all ,welcome to China and join the DTD 6.0!!!!

I am Lily Jiang, the VP iGCDP of AIESEC JLU, MoC. You guys could not image that how excited I am to write this email to you :) Warmly welcome again!

And dear, in this email, you will tell u about the general timeline of the project ;D

and about the attachments, which include some important things as following:

1.Information(Let's have a look to know who u will work with:D)

2.Task(Have u done it yet?It's basic introduction of the structure of our course :))

3.Reception(City/Country Booklet )

4.IMP (Important)

Just download the PDF attached with this email:D

Part One

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Explore China in Beijing

The first week we will stay in Beijing and explore this great city!!!

1.Go sightseeing:)

2.Take part in GCDS [ Global Citizen Development Seminar ]

P.S :It's a global conference delivered by AIESEC MoC,iGCDP ,for the EPs in North of China during these summer.It is really awesome and u will not miss it!!!

Part Two

Dare to Dream in Changchun

After play hard in Beijing,we need to work harder in Changchun :D!!!

1.Design and prepare your courses with your buddy;

2.Take a role in the activity name Human Library and do sharing to the public ;

3.Work as a team and create your impact!!!!

In the project ,U May

What important is that u will get...

1.Cross -culture Friendships;

2.Treasure memories;

3.Some unique learning points base on what u want and what u have try:)



In the end ,


remember to tell us your

arrival details![tell the TN manager u contact with is okay!]

Good luck to your exams!

Have a good preparation for the project!

Get ready to come to China!

Cheers for the coming amazing summer!

Lily Jiang