Fire is a Must to Survive!

Fire is a need for survival when stranded

The Equipment Needed

People will debate what is the best tool needed to start a fire. Some will say a lighter is the best because it is fool proof. The issue with a lighter is that it has many parts that can fail or break. It also will run out of fuel rather quick. The next most common piece of equipment is matches. Once again there is a flaw to these. Matches also will run out. They also have a shelf life of only a couple years, so unless you frequently buy matches they soon will just die out will just die out. They also wont work in the rain. Even water proof ones wont work to well in the rain or when dampened. The best sollution is to carry a small pieve of flint and steel. Flint is great due to the fact that it is always going to spark when hit with steel. In other words it works in rain or shine! It also is very portable. Many people carry small flint and steel combos on there key chains. One more great aspect of flint and steel is that it does not have a shelf life. It will work for years to come!

How to Build a Safe Fire Pit

There are many steps and precautions that you need to follow in order to build a safe fire pit. The last thing you want to deal with while being stuck on a island is a forest fire and no fire department The first step is that you need to select a good place for the fire pit. It should be placed around 15-20 feet from your gear and also away from high winds. Make a ten foot radius around your fire pit. This way if the fire spreads out of the pit it wont be able to burn anything because it is surrounded by dirt. Now you are going to dig around 9-12 inches deep, and then surround your pit with rocks. Next you will use the dirt that you dug up and put it in a pile off to the side. Since you are stranded you wont have the lechery of being able to put your fire out with water unless you make a bucket. Now you can go collect some firewood. Only collect dead branches do not use live ones because they have a little bit of water in them so they wont ignite.

How to Utilize your Equipment

Now that you have your flint and steel you are going to need to know how to use it. if you are going to test your flint properly you will need some dry pine needles or twine. This will be the fuel to your fire. You will want to take your equipment to your fir pit, concrete slab, or big rock where you can test this safely. First thing you want to do is lay the fuel of your chose down in a nest type shape just with no whole in the middle. You will now want to take your flint rod and aim it at the center of the fuel. The flint rod's tip should be about a inch from your fuel. You will now want to slowly test out your flint by striking it withe the the steel. once you find the right pressure and speed that works for you, you can get ready to light the fuel!

How to Extinguish your Fire

Now that you have done all of the following and you are ready to go to bed you will want to put your fire out. Believe it or not there is a step by step process to putting out your fire. First thing you will need is push around the stuff in your fire to see were there are still hot coals. once these coals are discovered put a good chunk of dirt on them. After you have covered all the coals in dirt you should mix it around. Just to double check and ensure the safety of you and the wild life around you. Your fire is not considered to hot if you still can not touch the inside of the pit. Now that you know what has been taught in this article you can understand the dangers and importance of fire. That fire is important to survival if ever stranded.