Kettle Moraine State Forest (Field Trip)

8th Grade Field Trip

On October 8 our 8th grade students went on a trip to the Kettle Moraine State Forest. On this field trip they were climbing up kames (irregularly shaped hills) and went to lakes. At the lakes they ate lunch and then went fishing. Some kids went to Mauthe Lake, and some went to Long Lake. Some of the kids that went to Long Lake waded in the water up to their knees and enjoyed the fresh lake water.

When the kids were hiking, they went up to Parnell Tower, which is 60 feet tall, in order to see the shapes of the kames from above. Another thing that the 8th graders did was climb Dundee Mt. This mountain is 1,201 feet (366.06 meters) tall. During the climb there were various paths that were snake like. There were manny steps to help the climbers get to their destination.

After all most of the students enjoyed this wonderful trip. They got to see marvelous features of this area.