Living with Sasha

A Soulscape Studios film

Some people around you are living a nightmare...

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"Is there a cure? There is no cure, but we can still do something about it."

Living with Sasha is a documentary on the life of Kirstin Segreaves, a fifteen year old living with Major Depression and Atypical Psychosis. The story tells how she managed to survive during a time when life was - and is! - hectic. Suicidal friends and problems at home aren't the only things she has to worry about. Along with all the issues a teen has to go through, she faces demons inside that will challenge her will to live and stay with her for a life time.

About the Movie

"Mental illness is more common than you may think, and there are kids out there living just like me. Being fifteen and living with a disorder that I don't understand makes me so frustrated I want to cry. I used to feel alone, and I don't want others to go through the same things I did. That's why one day I took my iPod and started recording."

-Kirstin S.

"Living with Sasha" is my way of spreading awareness to people about how serious depression and mental illness is. It goes through my life, how I grew up, the people I know, and what I've been through. Sasha is the name I gave to my illness shortly after being diagnosed. But it doesn't stop the true terror of having an illness that threatens to ruin - and end - your life.

Spread the "Cure"

Awareness is one of the powerful tools we can use in fighting mental illness. If you live with despression or psychosis, and would like to be involved in the project, email me at