What is it?

Climate Change

About 97% of scientists agree on one thing. Global Warming is most likely real. Have you noticed how many polar icecaps are melting? Have you noticed how the seasons have been getting longer and harsher (remember all those snow days we had last year)? Global warming, is just one piece of a much larger, more complex puzzle. A puzzle called climate change. Scientists theorize excessive amounts of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere might be adding to the greenhouse effect. Once again, it's just a theory, but so far it seems pretty likely. What is the greenhouse effect? The greenhouse effect is when to much heat from the sun gets trapped in the atmosphere. Some of the heat is absorbed by earth, while the rest bounces off back into space. This is what's supposed to happen. But lately it seems that more heat is getting trapped by the atmosphere then it is being bounced back into space. A greenhouse's job is too trap heat from the sun so that it's warm enough for the plants to grow\, hence the greenhouse effect's name. If all this is true, then increased global warming might cause floods from polar ice caps melting, the extinction of arctic species, bigger, badder storms, and who knows what.