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Karson M.

About Me

  • I learned how to read by my dad and my mom when I was 2 years old. Some of my processes that I use are keeping focus when I read and to block out all sound when I am reading.

My Goals

  • Some of my goals that I want to achieve in reading are to read faster and start reading more often so I can get my grammar right

My Favorites

My favorite books are Cinder, Deep and Dark and Dangerous, and The Missing

Margret Peterson Haddix

Background information

  • Margaret Peterson Haddix grew up on a farm near Washington Court House, Ohio. She graduated from Miami University (of Ohio) with degrees in English/journalism, English/creative writing and history.

  • Before her first book was published, she worked as a newspaper copy editor in Fort Wayne, Indiana; a newspaper reporter in Indianapolis; and a community college instructor and freelance writer in Danville, Illinois.

  • After college, Haddix worked for a while as a newspaper reporter, but longed to write stories from her imagination. She eventually took the leap to writing fiction and experienced her share of rejection, before having a book accepted. With young children, Haddix had to write those earlier stories around the children's nap times.
  • Fort Wayne, Indianapolis and Martinsville, all in Indiana; Bismarck, Illinois; Clarks Summit, Pennsylvania; Columbus, Ohio. I also lived and studied in Luxembourg (that’s in Europe) for a semester when I was in college.
  • I have three—an older brother, a younger brother and a younger sister
  • I got bachelor’s degrees in English/journalism, English/creative writing, and history

Influences in the Author's Life

  • Since my kids are now within the target ages for many of my books, sometimes I've consulted with them, or sometimes with other relatives or friends who have a reason to be knowledgeable about or interested in that particular book.
  • About a year ago, her friends invited her to join a writing group and eventually, she went to wanting to write a book.
  • reading, travel, swimming, bicycling, hiking, going to museums, hanging out with family and friends
  • She really loves reading books.


  • On Among the Hidden, The law is the law and it's stayed at the law.
  • The theme for 39 clues is always face the challenge or mystery.
  • On the missing book 1 found, the theme is no one is perfect and always be you!

Quotes from the author

  • "I think a lot of people I met my freshman year in college thought I was very strange, because they were all from suburbia, and I felt like I was coming from a completely different world. But, who knows? Maybe they would have thought I was strange anyway."
  • “Maybe everyone is just waiting for someone else to save them.”
  • “...even the most independent people sometimes needed help. And if I'd learned nothing else from my life thus far, it was that you don't always end up where you think you're going.”
  • "I want to Live! I want to Live! Not DIE!".
  • "I want to know what I'm partying for before I put on my party hat

Other interesting facts about the author

  • Margret Peterson Haddix got a International Reading Association Children's Book award for all the books she wrote.
  • She received the Best Book for Young Adults Award from the American Library Association.
  • she got more than a dozen state reader's choice awards.
  • She has worked as a newspaper copy editor in Fort Wayne, Indiana.

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