Child Hunger

Child Hunger Is Horrible

Research questions

  1. What will happen if they do not eat?

  2. What is child hunger?

  3. Can we prevent this?

  4. What is the cause of child hunger?

  5. Who is responsible for this?
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Summary of research

Child hunger needs to stop right now. Feeding America states that, ¨ In 2012 the top five states with the highest rate of food-insecure under the age of 18 were New Mexico, Mississippi, Arizona, Georgia, and Nevada.¨ That means that they have the lowest food in America. Feeding America states that, ¨ In 2012 the top five states with lowest rate of food-insecure children under the age of 18 were North Dakota, Minnesota, Virginia, New Hampshire, and Massachusetts¨. That means they have the most food in America so if you want to live you would want to live in one of those states. People who live in poverty don’t have very good jobs. Causes of Hunger in the U.S states that, ¨In the united states, hunger is not caused by a scarcity of food.¨ That means that people don’t have enough money to buy food. There isn't a scarcity of food it’s just a scarcity of money. You can organize food drives and fundraisers to help child hunger. You can also ¨Plant or spruce up a school or community garden,¨ or you can ¨ Support or raise awareness of summer feeding programs.¨ In conclusion, America without food is torture. We can plant gardens, and give food to people who need it.


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