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Henry Lunceford

About Me

My name is Henry L. I like to read and I live in Leawood, Kansas. My favorite book is I Am The Weapon. I go to Middle School. My favorite activity is playing basketball out side with my friends and I like to go to the pool in the summer. I also like to watch movies and play video games.

10 Things About Me as a Reader

About me as a Reader

I have read over 500 books.

I always have a good book to read.

The books I like are action, suspense or mystery.

I read mostly at school and on the weekend.

My favorite place to get books is the Prairie Star Middle Library.

I don't like reading books on electronics.

The longest book I have ever read was over 900 pages long.

It usually takes me about a week and a half to read a book.

I like to read inside and have a good snack.

My favorite book is I Am The Weapon.

Blog Entry

The book I am reading right now are Conspiracy 365. I just finished The Rise of Nine.

Songs for Reading

The songs I would want to listen to while singing are Going Down For Real and Turn Down because they are good motivate songs.
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Book Recommendations These sites will help you find your next book.

I would recommend boy nobody because it has anything you would want in a book and it has an engaging story.