Pencey Prep

Just an average school.

A school where your boys won't be changed.

At this school, your boy will leave this school exactly the way he came in. Who likes change anyway?


Want to know the feeling of getting punched in the face, or being made fun of by your teachers? This is the place for you!

Full of Phonies.

At our school, almost all of out students are phonies. All of our students try to be somebody they aren't, so they aren't so boring.

The Best Dorm Rooms!

Most of your time at this school will be spent in your dorms, so we decided to pair you up with people that you cant relate to at all, and will most likely hate every moment being with them. And if you ever want to stop by in someone's room, you don't even have to knock, because there are no doors. Just curtains.

Perfect Teachers!

The teachers at our school are the weirdest people you will ever meet. They will make you feel horrible about making mistakes and you might even become good friends with them later in life and hang out sometime.