Dara Torres

Competed in the Olympics as a Swimmer

Role Model

Dara Torres has paved a major pathway for swimmers and athletes around the world. She is most known for swimming in the Olympics. During her career she set three world records, won twelve Olympic medals, and she is and was the only person to ever represent America in the Olympics five times! Dara won her very first medal at age 17. Her last medals won were at age 41. One of Dara’s quotes was, “Never put an age limit on your dreams.” Although Dara Torres is a shockingly good Olympic swimmer, she is also a wonderful role model.

Dara's Medal Records

Olympic Games

1984 Los Angeles 4×100 m freestyle

1992 Barcelona 4×100 m freestyle

2000 Sydney 4×100 m freestyle

2000 Sydney 4×100 m medley

1988 Seoul 4×100 m medley

2008 Beijing 50 m freestyle

2008 Beijing 4×100 m freestyle

2008 Beijing 4×100 m medley

1988 Seoul 4×100 m freestyle

2000 Sydney 50 m freestyle

2000 Sydney 100 m freestyle

2000 Sydney100 m butterfly


Many athletes have been inspired by Dara Torres. Especially older athletes who have considered making a comeback. Dara is a leader and role model in and out of the pool. She supports older athletes who want to rejoin, and one of her quotes is," The water doesn't know your age." Although she did try to compete in the Olympics 6 times, she did not make it in her sixth. During her career she broke three world records at 14, won 12 medals, and has motivated those around her to go for their dreams.


As a child, Dara Torres was very high strung. Her mother taught her, her four older brothers, and her younger sister to swim. She entered competitive swimming at age eight and quickly outpaced her brothers. At 14 she entered and won in her very first international race! Soon after, Dara went on to win a gold medal in her first Olympic race at age 17. It was a 4/100 freestyle(front crawl) relay. Although Dara’s mother taught her to swim, her stepfather really helped her channel her hyperactivity into competitive swimming. It is remarkable to see that as a child, Dara showed promise of being a major athlete.
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The strokes in swimming that Dara swims are freestyle or front crawl and butterfly.

Fact Box!

  • There are 4 strokes in swimming. They are backstroke, breaststroke, butterfly, and freestyle.
  • Dara has four older brothers and a younger sister.
  • Her mother taught her and her siblings to swim in their backyard pool.
  • Dara is not only an Olympian, but also an author, model, and a sports illustrator.
  • Tessa Grace, Dara's daughter, is also into swimming and aspires to be like her mother.