Can a utopia exist?

"Utopia means elsewhere"from John malkovich.

To what extent can a utopia society exist?

A utopian society can not exist because there are to many people in our world that would disagree.In addition to not having a utopia society it would lead to chaos which would make it distopia.

If they made the world a utopian society it would lead to chaos and confusion.

In addition to the world leading into chaos there's a qoute that gives a perfect example of the topic sentence above and it comes from the giver. "The qoute says as I heard Rosemary on the speaker I heard her say that she would like to inject her self".(Lowry 180)

In addition to things leading into chaos

Somthing eles that lead to chaos was in a book called stitch. The quote says"Alesa if you don't tell me we can't be ferinds"(Durante 176).This lead into chaos because the two friends are having a friendship problem.


My point in this essay was that you can't have a utopian society because to many people will get mad or disagree. What do you think can or can,it not exist.


Jeremiah Washington