Too Much Homework

The Effects on Students

Why Too Much Homework is Proving to be Harmful

Although homework can be a beneficial part of the learning process if applied properly, studies show that too much homework is harmful instead of helpful when it comes to education.

Reasons Why

Time Management

Not enough time for students to complete homework effectively while also being involved with school, family and other community activities. While education should always be a students top priority, time should be allowed for participation in these events as well.

Health and Stress

Unfortunately, too much homework is causing academic stress, physical health problems, and lack of balance in student's lives.

Test Scores and Foreign Competitors

In comparison with other countries, the United States preforms better that countries who assign more homework than U.S. and worse than countries countries who assign less.

Quality compared to quantity of homework

Homework can be effective when it serves a purpose, however, some teaches assign busy work and unnecessary assignments that lead to excessive amounts of homework and unneeded stress for students.

Too Much Homework IS harmful


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