Happy Holidays!!!

Our Weekly Agenda

One Week of School Left in 2014!

Hey boys and girls!! We have a super fun and exciting week ahead! Our week at a glance will look something like this:

Monday: Record News Broadcasts in Mr. O's room with the Journalism students. I suggest you have a hard copy of your script along with your copy on technology, just in case the technology fails. ALSO: email your script to your group members, JUST IN CASE!! Lastly, remember to come dressed for the role you are playing (anchor, MOS, on camera reporter, ect).

Tuesday: Edit and perfect recorded broadcasts using the technology from the journalism room. Remember to have your images and visuals ready to go when you walk into class today. :)

Wednesday: Same as Tuesday! Your projects should be 100% done by the end of class on this day because of what are plans are on Thursday

Thursday: Project viewing day!! Remember: Mrs. Dominguez and I have a NO JUDGEMENT policy in our rooms, so please make sure your comments are constructive and appropriate today. :)

Friday: White Elephant Book Exchange!! (You can begin to bring books all week, remember to check your name off the list when you do!)

Its is going to be a fun and eventful week, but we should all make sure we are still on our best behaviors! We have to put our best foot forward each day and make sure we are ALWAYS making the right decisions.

Thank y'all for being such amazing students (and parents)!! 2014 has been the best year ever!!