Rowe & Dunn

5th Grade: April 10th - 14th


Friday: NO SCHOOL.

Lunch Menu:

Monday: Orange Chicken w/ Rice, Popcorn Chicken w/ Roll, Bean & Cheese Flour Tacos, Mixed Veggies

Tuesday: Beef Nachos w/ Spanish Rice, Turkey & Cheese Sub Sandwich, Classic Cheese Pizza, Refried Beans

Wednesday: Popcorn Chicken w/ Roll, Oven Baked Beef Rotini w/ Breadstick, Bean & Cheese Tostada w/ RIce

Thursday: Meatball Sub, Hot Dog, Tangy BBQ Chicken Sandwich, Crinkled Fries


This week we will learning about media literacy. Students will learn why commercials are bright and draw you in vs. dull and boring. We will also learn the purpose of using these tactics to get the best ratings or customer value. We will have a spelling, vocabulary and comprehension test on Thursday!


This week in math we will work on order of operations, multiplying and dividing decimals, and benchmark fractions. Students will work out problems step by step on the board with a partner and we will talk about why these steps have to go in order to find the right answers throughout the problem.


This week in science we will start our STAAR review. Students will be given a folder that we will use throughout the next two weeks. This folder will not come home until May 5th. We will start with Mixture & Solutions and the Effect of Force. Students will complete labs on Tuesday and Wednesday and complete a gallery walk on Thursday. Students will fill out lab sheets and then take a small quiz to show what they have learned.

Social Studies

Week 25: The New Deal. Students will read week 25 paper, complete the crossword and point of view, and quiz on Thursday.