Join art classes every Saturday at 3:00 pm

The best class in the city!

In my classes you will learn at your own pase so no body will rush you to finish anything. Art Attack offers you to be taught by the best and highly trained instructors. Also you will have a chance to learn different types of art like painting, free lance sketching, sculpting and many more!! our instructors are the most caring and helpful people that love to teach and learn everyday.

Every Saturday at 3 at the Sheridan Library.

The classes start at 3 pm and will last until 4:30 pm. So in that amount of time you will learn the proper techniques to be a great artist! Its a great way to pass time and have a great time for when you have nothing to do at home.

Our top instructors

Guaranteed to have a fun time at Art Attack!

What will you get from these classes...?

You will have a fun time in this art club because you will learn many new aspects in art! also we will be offering extra help for art homework so if your having trouble with making your project you will get help.We have a fun environment to work in where everyone is having fun making there art pieces. Also in this club we will be making pottery, freelance sketching, painting and much much more!

We are Artbuddies

We can guarantee you that you will have a fun time at Art Attack because we know that we all love art! We hope to see you there so make sure you take advantage of this great offer! Go! ART!

Go... Art Attack!!! :)