Darrell has just moved to Philadelphia .He is smaller than most High School students so he knew that is was going to be hard. He tried to make friends but he just ended up gaining two horrible bullies. Tyray and Rodney. They humilliated him and pushed him around. They took money from him and even hurt his crush,but one day he had enough.At lunch Tyray hit his tray causing him to spill his food and making the old and hurting janitor pick it up. Tyray then laughed at him.So Darrell told him to shutup and they started fighting but in little time Darrell slammed him bye doing a wrestling move he learned and Tyray broke his wrist and Darrell did not have to worry about Tyray again.So it all tearned out ok.
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At the start of the story Darrell was small. He was not confident . He was also terrified of Tyray and Rodney,but he joined the wrestling team,and that made him stronger and not as small. Then he meet a new friend Harold,and he even went to the dance!, and built his confidence up.Then he stood up to Tyray the bully,and he was not scared of him anymore. So in conclusion from the start of the story to the end Darrell definetly changed.
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Paul Langan was born in Philadelphia.After he graduated he joined a nonprofit agency then joined Townsend Press as a assistant editor.After working there he started the Bluford series. He made five of ten great book's including. The Bully,The Gun,Summer of Secrets,Brothers in Arms,and Blood is Thicker.While those are only some of the good books he has written and only some interesting facts about the him but there are many more to find.
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I am comparing the book The Bully to the book SLOB. In SLOB he doesn't have his dad and so his mom is all bye her self like in The Bully. Also He gets bullied. He gets bullied about his size but he is bigger and Darrell is smaller so while they both get bullied by there sizes they are different sizes.So that is why i picked SLOB as a comparison.
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Slob by Ellen Potter book trailer

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