The Compound

By:S.A. Bodeen

Book Flyer By: Karsten Howland Teacher:Ms.Horne

Novel Summary

The novel "The Compound" illustrates a detailed picture into the mind of the reader.The book starts off with a nuclear attack. Ten year old Eli is forced into a compound his billionaire father created in the case of and emergency. Eli and his family must wait out the radiation for fifteen years. And as time moves on, the family gets inpatient, and secrets are traced to one main source. Find out these secrets by reading "The Compound" By S.A. Bodeen.
The Compound Book Trailer

S.A. Bodeen

A childrens and young adults novel author. She is well known for her young adult books The Compound and The Gardener. She also drew well illustrated picture books for children. She was born in 1965 and published her first book in 1998. She grew up on a dairy farm in Wisconsin and graduated from UW River Falls with a degree in 2nd education.

Book Tagline

"Dad asked me if i wanted to see the rest of the compound. I didn't. We would have to wait fifteen years before it would be safe to go outside again. Which left more that enough time to see the rest of the compound. Our new world. A world i would soon hate." What will come upon the family, read The Compound to find out!

About Me

My name is Karsten Howland. I'm a student at Park View Middle School. I have a beloved mother and two fathers. I also have four younger siblings, two brothers and two sisters. I am involved in the greatest sport in the world, Lacrosse. I Play as defense for the position X. I love to hunt, fish, build, and play with mechanics and electronics. I read the novel The Compound as a school assignment, and then reread the book to get a better understanding. I hope you would read this book and understand the great detail the author put into this great book.