Garrett's Bucket List

4/10/14 Period 1

1. Cliff Jumping

I would like to cliff jump one day. Due to physical weathering and erosion(wind and running water) there is a cliff. There the people strap a rope and harness and you jump! The Shotover Canyon Swing (really a cliff jump) is located in Queenstown, New Zealand. That is where I would like to go. Since there are two different forces of erosion (wind and running water) working together, the cliff's walls are not straight. They are instead jagged but still breath taking!
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2. Skydiving

I would also like to go skydiving one day. I would like to go to Interlaken, Switzerland. As you are sky diving you can see the snow-capped Swiss Alps! These mountains were created due to physical weathering and ice erosion. Two rivers and two glaciers carved out the mountains leaving a to die for view from the sky!
Tyler skydiving in Interlaken Switzerland

3. Scuba Diving

I would like to go scuba diving in the Great Blue Hole off the coast of Belize. This hole was created during the last ice age, scientist are not sure how, but the hole gets larger due to chemical weathering. The hole is made of limestone, so the water dissolves it and the rock breaks off, causing erosion to carry the rocks to the sea floor. The rocks are deposited at the sea floor leaving jagged rocks at the bottom. This leaves the hole deeper than the rest of the sea, and looking dark and blue, while the rest is clear and shallow! This creates a million dollar view from under the water with the multi-colored coral and many spices of fish!
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4. Zip-lining

I would like to go zip-lining in Labadee, Haiti. While zip-lining, you can see physical weathering on the beach. The crashing waves wear down rocks turning them into sand. The beach has super clear water that would make you think there is no water. This is an amazing place!
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5.cave exploring

I would like to go cave exploring in the Caverns of Sonora, Texas. The caves were created due to chemical weathering. The limestone cave was created by water, in which carved out the caves. These caves are filled with rare crystals called helictites, they are white and in a rare butterfly formation! This crystal brings tons o tourist a year! One of them I hope will be I!
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