Principal's Corner

Dec 12th

District Walkthrough Feedback

Thursday's District Walkthrough was positive and included some next steps for us.


  • Alignment of instruction across grade levels and subject areas
  • Focus on preparing for benchmark assessments
  • Evidence of close reading in multiple classes
  • Some evidence of collaborative/student-centered discussion

Next Steps:

  • Implement engaging review activities so that students can have collaborative conversations while they are reviewing for tests. Lecture or video (teacher-centered ) review needs to transition to student-centered/collaborative review. This was evident in many 6th grade classes, and students were excited by it.
  • Need to use the collaborative conversation structures, language, and rubric on a routine basis in all classes even when preparing for benchmark assessments.

Overall, instruction looked good, we just need to continue focusing on and implementing our engagement/collaboration routines and strategies on a consistent basis.

Dr. Alvarado's Visit Rescheduled to Tuesday, Dec 15th

Just a reminder that Dr. Alvarado wil be here on Tuesday, December 15th. He will be visiting classrooms, meeting with students and teachers, and leading our T & L that afternoon. Below is the schedule he will follow:

Period 1- meet with teachers

Period 2- meet with students

Period 3- meet with teachers

Periods 4/5- visit classrooms

Period 6- debrief

Period 7- prepare for T& L

Lead T & L

Please remember if you have a prep during periods 1/3/6, let me know through the Google Docs survey if you are interested in meeting with him.

At 4:00 during our T & L, we will be headed to view the EDGE showcase in the plaza/cafeteria. You'll enjoy seeing the fun projects that students have been working on.

Benchmark Assessments and Scoring

Next week is our Benchmark administration week. Please make sure that you administer your benchmarks during this window. All answer documents need to be scanned by the end of the day on Wednesday, January 6th. We will be having a T & L on Thursday, January 7th that was originally scheduled for technology, but instead, we are going to use it as a school-wide data analysis time.

Deck The Doors Competition & Secret Santa

The doors and windows are looking great! It's wonderful to see campus decked out in Christmas spirit!

On Thursday, December 17th, we will be exchanging gifts for Secret Santa's in the Conference Room during break. Everyone is welcome to attend. Cinnamon rolls and hot coffee and cocoa will be served.

Physical Fitness Data Continues to Climb

State results are in, and WMS's Physical Fitness scores continue to climb. There are 6 fitness standards, and the goal is for students to meet proficiency in all 6 of those standards. See the progression of proficiency below:

Number of Physical Fitness Areas Meeting the Healthy Fitness Zones 6 of 6 fitness standards

Percent in Grade 7 2015 38.2

Percent in Grade 7 2014 30.8

Percent in Grade 7 2013 32.4

Percent in Grade 7 2012 17.9

Congratulations to our PE team! Keep up the great work!

School-Wide Fundraiser Limo Ride

Monday, Dec. 14th, 11am

In-N-Out Burger, Visalia, CA, United States

Visalia, CA

Boys Basketball and Soccer Games

Monday, Dec. 7th, 3:30pm

WMS gym and fields

Come on out to support our boy's basketball and soccer teams as they play Green Acres on Monday.

District Volleyball League

Monday, Dec. 14th, 6pm


Come join the WMS staff volleyball team as we go up against Rocky Hill.

The Week in Pictures